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Benefits of Warehouse Automation

Investing in an automated warehouse brings many benefits to a company. When managing a warehouse or distribution centre with different processes and products, efficient operation translates into higher profits. It is impossible to manage efficiently when relying on an outdated system from decades ago, where human labour is the main driving machine of the company. In order to become more profitable, warehouses of large companies are starting to automate their processes with specialised technologies and software.

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Basic aims of automation warehouse

One of the goals of warehouse automation is to speed up the receipt, processing, storage and dispatch of goods so that the company can achieve efficient distribution. This in turn results in a lower rate of goods returns. The decision to have an automated warehouse must be based not only on financial considerations, but also on aspects that have a direct impact on its operation. The aim is to obtain as many benefits of warehouse automation as possible. This requires us to completely change the way we view warehousing, eschewing our vision of storing, loading and unloading goods in favour of a new concept equipped with modernist logistics technology. These technologies range from robots for handling goods to specialised software for tighter inventory management.

Key benefits of warehouse automation

  • Decrease in labour costs because we do not need as many employees to carry out warehouse tasks.
  • A safer place for employees and stored goods
  • Fewer accidents and health problems
  • Accurate knowledge of stock levels, avoiding shortages, overloading and obsolescence
  • Elimination of human error in documentation, which can translate into delays in the processing of goods.
  • Improved delivery times and accuracy.
  • Higher specialisation and training of employees, making it more professional, efficient and productive.
  • Implementation of Logitower solutions

warehouse automation benefits

The implementation of Logitower’s solutions gives us the full feel of automated warehouse benefits. The right system should control the flow of materials and information and reduce the time it takes to obtain material (production optimisation), as well as ensuring that the correct storage capacity is maintained. The stored goods are often not of a standard size and are difficult to accumulate. Therefore, by using LogiTower shelving units, such as the LogiTower Single Tower, Double Tower, MultiLogitower for long goods, ,sheet metal, plates, logs, heavy and unusual goods and forms storage, we have a whole range of possibilities which we can adapt to the items most frequently found on the racks of our individual warehouse.

In addition LogiTower can be equipped with multiple storage towers and access windows. It can be supplied in many variants. The benefits are truly many and the possibilities endless. The entire system can be easily integrated with a laser or water jet cutting centre, manipulators, and crane.

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