warehouse organization

What is warehouse automation?

The main purpose of warehouse automation systems is to eliminate labour-intensive and time-consuming duties. Automation is simply the process of replacing repetitive tasks with automated systems instead of human resources, while reducing costs, improving productivity and safety when working with heavy goods. Automation basically has two basic divisions:

  • automation of digital
  • physical processes.

The digital option relies on software and electronics to reduce manual processes and to reduce manual processes, improve control over material flow and eliminate human error. As an example, we can mention Logitower with its warehouse management system (WMS). Another type of automation is physical, which refers to the use of equipment to reduce human labor in repetitive activities and increase worker safety in working with heavy goods where humans and their labor are essential. For example, we can take the Logitower system – due to the unique nature of each company, Logitower is individually designed for each customer according to their needs and requirements.

The key benefit of warehouse automation: reduced operating costs!

Logitower is well aware of what warehouse automation is. For this reason, it makes optimal use of every square metre of storage space, ensuring maximum capacity in a minimum of space.  Each shelf in the rack can hold up to 8,000 kg of steel, aluminium, copper, plastic and other materials. Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) store and retrieve loads at specific locations in the warehouse. As a result, they can eliminate the need for employees to perform these tasks.

How to automate a warehouse?

Using Logitower’s systems, you can save up to 80% of your warehouse space, as well as time spent on logistical operations. They also eliminate the risk of destroying or damaging sensitive and valuable goods, increasing the ergonomics of work, which also speeds up internal warehouse processes and increases their safety level. Logitower additionally offers, as part of the many product options available, the possibility of loading and releasing goods from both the front and the back of the system (double-sided sheet storage), as well as from the side of the rack (system with side-extension), as well as outside the warehouse (Logitower external storage), which makes it possible, among other things, to load items into a Logitower directly from a delivery truck.

Which shelving units to choose?

It is certainly worth considering the LogiTower for the ergonomic and safe storage of very heavy goods, allowing you to recover storage space by making full use of the available room height. Logitower storage solutions are individual and comprehensive, including installation, professional after-sales service and technical support. Its distinguishing feature is that it can come in many variants, have multiple storage columns, access windows, work with a laser or water-based metalworking centre and peripheral equipment such as warehouse manipulators, crane, stacker crane, and many others. What can we store in it? Especially metal sheets, plates, long, heavy and unusual goods.