What is automated storage and retrieval system?

Automated storage and retrieval system is a racking storage system characterised by a high degree of storage space utilisation. It is a fast and high-density system as a result of the reduction of operating corridors, which enables faster response times. It is usually equipped with vehicles for automatic placement and retrieval of items from the shelves.The system usually consists of predefined locations where machines can follow predefined routes. We call this AS/RS or ASRS systems.

How does a retrieval system work and why is it useful in warehouses?

In the 1960s, a storage system was developed that initially focused on heavy pallet loads, but as technology evolved, the loads handled became smaller. Today, retrieval systems operate under computerised control. What calculations and tasks does the intelligent software perform? First of all, retrieval of items is done by specifying the type of item and the quantity to be retrieved. The computer determines where in the storage area the item can be retrieved and sets a schedule. A system of conveyors and/or automated guided vehicles is sometimes part of the AS/RS. They then take loads into the storage area and move them to the production floor or loading docks. Too much stock increases the cost of maintaining the warehouse and therefore does not allow you to achieve your profit targets. Inventory planning requires taking into account sales data from previous years, etc. All this information must be meticulously listed in a database so that the system can intelligently manage it.

In which areas are automated storage and retrieval systems used?

Automated storage and retrieval systems are used in various areas to support processing and picking throughout the plant. AS/RS provides dense long-term caching for small or large items. Additionally, its purpose is to provide a dynamic storage area for parts and goods until all order items can be combined and ready to ship. Often used for consumer, B2B and shop orders. What is an automated storage and retrieval system and where do we use it most? We can see them in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, paper or even plastics.

List of benefits of using automated storage and retrieval system

The introduction of best practices in the storage of goods will significantly improve processes in the warehouse. Efficient warehouse management is very important to ensure that the logistics process runs smoothly, without disruptions or delays. Intelligent warehouse control systems mean, above all, greater throughput, ergonomics, delivering items to the operator at a convenient height, thus eliminating time wasted on walking. The system also provides real-time inventory control. Therefore, certain principles should be implemented from the very beginning, when the warehouse is still empty. The more goods are stored, the more difficult it is to streamline processes and the more time-consuming it is to reorganise the warehouse space. Every square metre is worth its weight in gold and should be utilised to the maximum. Not only planning it, but also trusting the proven technology that facilitates the entire storage process is important.