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What are the best outdoor storage systems?

Sometimes the best solution to easily reach the point where space savings become maximum if we invest in the best outdoor storage systems. Here again, using warehouse automation is a good option. Using the solutions offered to us by LogiTower, nothing is impossible and the efficiency of the warehouse increases immediately, meaning that we can afford to save as much space as possible.

Optimising the layout of your warehouse allows you to make better use of the available space and improve the handling of goods. Cargo space should not be underestimated either. An efficient warehouse should have storage systems that save valuable space, even the loading and unloading area. Warehouses can be equipped with manual machines, which definitely slow down the pace of work, or they can have modern machines, i.e. automatic (computer-controlled).

For outdoor storage, the most popular solutions are cantilever and cantilever racks. However, these solutions without automatic functions do not offer the same possibilities for optimising the workflow as the use of automation. One of the functions of LogiTower, which offers the possibility of increasing the storage area, is precisely the storage of goods in the external part of the warehouse using automatic racks. The options are many and worth exploring, preferably before the investment or redevelopment begins.

Outdoor storage – all you need to know and more

Many companies choose to store their goods outside of the warehouse, which means they can accommodate significantly more goods. The main advantages of this solution include lower maintenance costs compared to built-up warehouses, as well as the lack of building maintenance. However, this storage is not without its disadvantages. Unfortunately, we have to reckon with certain inconveniences, resulting, among other things, from weather conditions. Moreover, not all goods can be stored outside.Therefore, when there is not enough space in the hall for storing goods, it is worth thinking about increasing the storage space through LogiTower’s outdoor warehouse. Clad in sandwich panels, LogiTower not only protects your goods from harmful weather conditions, but also provides convenient access to every component.

Logitower outdoor automation – what are the options available?

LogiTower allows heavy and unusual items to be stored in a rack located not only inside the warehouse but also outside. The LogiTower external warehouse offers two different options – placing the racking in the immediate vicinity of the hall or outside the hall as a separate warehouse. In both cases, the LogiTower system is enclosed by a sandwich panel so as to protect the stored goods from external factors such as temperature, humidity, light, dust, etc.. The external access window allows it to be connected to the warehouse hall. In this way, we can unload and load goods into or out of the racking. What’s more, thanks to Logitower’s solutions, the external warehouse does not have to give up its collaboration with other equipment such as a forklift, manipulator or metal cutting centre.

The other advantages of external warehouse storage

We have already explored outdoor storage systems best solutions, and now it is time to lean a little more into their strengths. The implementation of Logitower and the start of operations with an outdoor storage system is not only streamlining, but also increasing the security of internal processes for the transport of bulky goods and more. As an entrepreneur, by investing in an automated external warehouse, you are not only demonstrating the right approach to business, geared towards efficiency, but additionally paying attention to better working conditions for your people. The whole point and goal of this project is the subsequent ability to load items into the Logitower rack directly from the delivery truck.


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