warehouse organization

What is a warehouse management system?

The control of a warehouse’s daily activities is essential and has to work on the basis of specific guidelines, so that employees as well as goods can remain safe. What is a WMS system? The software or, as others prefer, the WMS application is a tool that allows ergonomic storage as well as efficient work, and what is more, the WMS can be part of an ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning system.

How does a WMS improve warehouse operations?

Being well organized in business is the key to success. This is no different when it comes to warehousing. Having a warehouse management system in place can lead to a reduction in the likelihood of errors during shipping, receiving or the storage of products themselves. A WMS drastically reduces the likelihood of lost stock, which in turn reduces the incidence of back orders. The system can as well help the company to process orders faster and track ordered products in the warehouse immediately. All of these activities lead to a significant improvement in work, a reduction in the danger to employees and goods, as well as ergonomic use of space, which, after all, is nowhere as crucial as in the warehouse.

WMS objectives

A robust WMS can benefit both the company and the customers. Logistics optimization in the warehouse that works flawlessly builds trust with customers and employees, which translates into success for the entrepreneur. A properly implemented WMS provides managers with real-time insight into their biggest item, the cost of materials.  The system was created to simplify complex counting – it can replace the time-consuming, manual process of inventory estimation and turn it into something intuitive that works efficiently when taught to employees. So, what is warehouse management system for? In conclusion; the aim of a WMS is to reduce shipment errors while increasing picking productivity.

what is warehouse management system

How to implement a WMS with the help of Logitower?

When dealing with the extremely wide-ranging field of WMS, the question inevitably arises: are there major differences or are the products very similar in their basic functions, and who should you trust when implementing automation? Logitower leads the European market and is developing steadily with new solutions being released. We can order a system here which is perfectly adapted to our needs and integrated with all the systems which facilitate our work. Logitower is all about ergonomics – their automatic shelving is 100% in line with the needs and expectations in the era of Industry 4.0.

Final conclusions on what is WMS system

For a warehouse, storage logistics is paramount. The integration of an effective warehouse management solution was considered by entrepreneurs to be extremely beneficial for business development. Certainly, the success and satisfaction of the work is the flexible software with maximum flexibility for an ever-changing business environment. Therefore, if you are still considering implementing a WMS, here is proof that it is truly worth it.