Vertical automatic storage system

The Logitower automatic storage system offers high storage density with low space occupation. Vertical storage ensures maximum utilization of the warehouse height. This system is mainly intended for storing long and heavy items. The possibility of using several storage columns makes the vertical automatic storage system a modular system which can be optimally configured within the available space. Above all, the selection of the right shelving units has an impact on warehouse operations. This affects the efficient use of available space. So what should you know about the vertical automatic storage system and why is it the storage method of choice?

Why are vertical solutions better for storage of long and heavy goods?

When it comes to storing pipes and sheets, Logitower storage systems are the best choice – single, double, multi-tower or the Honeycomb system for storing many thousands of long items.. All solutions are characterised above all by easy, fast and ergonomic access to loading units – shelves, placed one above the other.. The goods to be stored are often not of a standard size, which is why it is worth thinking about MultiLogitower. This system can easily be extended to many different types of towers, allowing the storage of many non-standardised goods. The LogiTower design allows operators easy access to stored components and quick retrieval of individual items.

Vertical storage in warehouses – is in fact worth it?

Using vertical space to store goods can save up to 90% of space. We can therefore say that it is a very convenient solution. Not only do you save a great deal of space in the warehouse, but you also optimise forklift routes. After all, they have to move efficiently in this space, so the more vertical it is used, the greater the possibilities. In addition, you can shorten operations and thus reduce machine costs. As You can see, the vertical automatic storage system has all the advantages and its operation confirms the effectiveness of this solution.

Types of storage racking – a solution to suit the customer’s needs

  • Single Tower: this is one of the standard options, the most basic of all those mentioned. This solution allows sheets, plates, long, heavy and unusual goods to be stored in a single tower and loaded and retrieved by means of a vertical lift. The entire system can be easily integrated into, for example, a laser cutting centre.
  • MultiLogitower: serves sheet metal, plates, logs, heavy and unusual goods and moulds and is equipped with multiple storage towers and access windows. It can be supplied in many variants, with several storage towers and access windows, and can work with laser or jet metal processing centres and peripheral equipment.
  • LogiComb – another proposition from Logitower, is a honeycomb system that provides efficient and orderly storage of a large number of  cassettes with long goods, up to several thousand items. LogiComb is easy to install, expand and operate, and works with equipment such as forklifts, manipulators, warehouse stacker cranes, CNC machining centers for cutting, as well as with the company’s ERP/WMS system. LogiComb is designed to save as much storage space as possible and maximize the efficiency of production processes using long components, such as in the door and window carpentry industry and many others. What is more, it also increases the safety of goods and warehouse employees. It allows operators to safely load and unload long rods, tubes, panels or profiles, freeing them from the most dangerous storage tasks.