warehouse organization

How to optimize warehouse space?

In a warehouse, two things really count: the efficient use of storage space and the smooth flow of goods. LogiTower automatic storage system enable you to store metal sheets, profiles and bars, metal components, tools and any other goods weighing up to 8 tons per shelf and up to 12 meters in length in a cost-efficient, ergonomic and safe way. All this leads us to one conclusion – if we want to develop and optimize our warehouse space, we should take a closer look at the offer of automatic racks, which will also bring us other benefits.

Key techniques for optimizing warehouse space

The warehouse is the factory’s entry and exit gate. Regardless of what is being produced, an efficient warehouse is needed. The type and size of products to be stored will determine the design and organization of storage areas and the choice of the best type of conveyor systems. However, there is a universal solution to this situation. Logitower offers to adapt specific racks from its range to your warehouse and, if necessary, modify them for the products stored. The answer to the question of which most important space optimization techniques we should use is automation.

Logitower solutions – fast, effective and on point

Considering the use of vertical space is suggested by Logitower. Adding taller storage units will provide more warehouse space, and thus you can avoid the costs of expanding your warehouse or the costs arising from using external storage facilities. Additionally, consider the type and variety of shelving used. Instead of using the same shelving throughout your warehouse, you may need different types of shelving for different materials. We can combine a single-tower rack for long and heavy items with a double-tower rack for sheet metal. LogiTower automatic warehouse for sheet metal, long, heavy and unusual goods will allow you to store not only sheet metal, but also long and heavy bars, which are stored in two columns and a lift delivers the shelves directly to the operator. Double tower adequately protects vulnerable components and reduces the loss of goods.

Consider implementing a warehouse management system WMS or ERP

If you are still wondering how to optimize warehouse space then warehouse management systems (WMS) or ERP are worth mentioning. Properly implemented systems and software can improve efficiency by suggesting the best routes and picking methods. The use of barcode scanners or RFID readers can improve the accuracy of operations and reduce picking errors. Above all, they can help optimize warehouse processes. An ERP system is also a set of integrated tools for comprehensive business management. The leading ERP systems most often also have modules allowing for warehouse management. WMS systems are created by experts familiar with logistic processes, who develop algorithms according to which the warehouse is to work intelligently.