AS/RS system – when you can use it?

An automated storage and retrieval system or AS/RS is computer controlled systems for the automatic placement and retrieval of loads from specific storage locations. They are typically used in applications where, for example, storage density is important due to space constraints or accuracy is critical due to potential and costly cargo damage. It is worth mention that AS/RS can be used with both standard and non-standard loads. With the rapid development of AS/RS technologies over the years, new options have emerged with a wide range of sizes, costs and flexibility, resulting in a rapid increase in the rate of system deployment. This has made AS/RS technologies one of the most popular and influential investment options available to the industrial and logistics industry.

Logitower AS/RS system – is it suitable for your distribution centre or warehouse?

LogiTower is an automatic AS/RS storage system that allows you to store sheet metal, long items such as tubes, profiles, rods, tubes, as well as heavy and unusual goods. These include, for example, tools, moulds, dies, pallets and much more. LogiTower, is a technologically advanced storage system that operates according to the principles of Logistics 4.0. Their iconic product LogiTower Loader streamlines the sheet metal picking process by enabling sheets to be automatically picked from a stack or shelf, loaded into the cnc laser cutting centre and then removed.

How does Logitower warehouse work and what are its main benefits?

At the outset, it should be emphasised that due to the unique nature of each company, the Logitower automatic warehouse for sheets, logs and unusual goods is designed individually for each customer, according to their needs and requirements. LogiTower, however, is available in a number of configurations, including but not limited to: single tower racking, double tower racking, MultiLogitower multi-tower storage system, or LogiComb – multi-shelf system for storing profiles etc. The whole system for supplying and receiving metal sheets not only optimises the storage process, but also increases the safety of working with heavy goods. The AS/RS system’s greatest advantage lies in the optimisation of production and logistics, as it offers full automation e.x. through the integration of the laser with the LogiTower automatic warehouse and the LogiTowerLoader loading and unloading system. This ensures, among other things, the convenient removal of cut parts and, thanks to the combination with the LogiTower automatic storage system, it saves space, employee time and ergonomic access to materials.

How much does warehouse automation actually cost?

Calculating the exact amount of AS RS systems is not easy as it will vary depending on what you need. Factors such as product size and weight, space, characteristics of the operating environment, etc. will still affect the final price.