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Warehouse picking and packing goods – how to optimise the process

Picking and packing orders can be a difficult intralogistic process, especially in case of rich and diversified warehouse stocks. . How to plan picking and packing in the warehouse to improve efficiency and speed of order processing?

Reduce packing costs

There are many possibilities to reduce costs in terms of order packing. One of the most important solutions is a standardization of packaging sizes, which definitely facilitates the picking process in the warehouse. It means that only several sizes of cardboard boxes are used to pack them. This makes packing logistics simpler and economical.

It is also worth paying attention to the type of the boxes creasing, considering different variants of bends, that enables to adjust the package size to current needs.

In order to improve the process of picking goods in a warehouse it is also useful to monitor the packaging inventory. Quite obvious – the lack of cartons prevents shipment preparation and thus causes a supply chain disruption. Therefore it is worth betting the supplier that is able to ensure a smooth delivery of packaging.

Solutions that accelerate a packing process in a warehouse

It is not that difficult. To save valuable time it is worth choosing auto-bottom cardboard boxes, which enable to significantly increase the efficiency of the process in comparison with flap boxes that require additional wrapping with packing tape.

In the picking process in a warehouse, it is also worth taking into account the use of automated packing support systems such as a wrapper for palletized cargo. It allows to ensure appropriate stability of palletized products. Another solution may be the equipment filling cardboard boxes. They are used to fill packages with materials protecting the contents against damage. Depending on expectations they can use bubble wrap, polystyrene packing peanuts, wood wool or cardboard fragments for this purpose.

Ensure ergonomics

Packing requires proper preparation of the workplace. It should be ergonomic to facilitate a warehouse operator work. It is worth remembering that a tired employee needs much more time to properly perform tasks. It should be remembered that repetitiveness of activities while picking goods in a warehouse can cause picking errors.

Proper preparation of the packing table is also important. Height-adjustable tables are the most recommended. For heavy and bulky goods handling, manipulators are used to raise loads to an ergonomic height for an operator.

Using a management system in the packing process can also be helpful. Picking and preparing goods for shipment is a complex logistics process. It is worth considering supporting warehouse operations with automated storage system that ensures a proper organization of an order of packing tasks and not only suggests types and sizes of packaging to be ordered, but also supports the consolidation and verification of orders.

In order to improve the picking and packing process in a warehouse, it is important to remember that it must be adjusted to the specifics of the company and type of industry. The best solution is to use a support of experts who will recommend the best solutions after analyzing the warehouse processes.

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