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Vertical storage solutions for warehouses

By following the regulations, the storage of all kinds of materials in the warehouse, including dangerous, long or simply very heavy materials, can be carried out ergonomically and without endangering the health or life of employees. In order to make this one thing a reality, it is worthwhile to introduce vertical storage solutions that enable easy work in the warehouse.

What is the purpose of using a vertical storage system?

Vertical storage systems improve warehouse efficiency, inventory security, as well as the efficiency and flexibility of order picking processes in a minimum of space. Vertical storage solutions for warehouses can be divided into two groups: carousels (Ferris wheel technology) and vertical lift modules (VLM). The aim of switching to this storage mode is also to save money by maximising the use of every square metre of space. One of the main benefits of a vertical storage system is the increased floor area. Stacking goods vertically on top of each other not only provides more storage space, but also saves floor space. Logitower’s constructors know excatly how a storage system for sheet metal, logs or injection moulds should work. They offer many configurations, including single-tower racking, double-tower racking, the MultiLogitower multi-tower storage system, or the Logicomb multi-shelf honeycomb storage system for profiles, tubes, tubes and rods.

Vertical Storage in Warehouse

How are metal products stored on vertical shelves?

Vertical storage solutions for warehouses are considered to be one of the best ways to store goods such as metal sheets or pipes. Logitower helps here too, as it makes optimum use of every square metre of space, ensuring maximum storage capacity in a minimum of space. Each shelf in the rack can hold up to 8,000 kg of steel, aluminium, copper, plastics and other materials. Within the many product options available, it is possible to load and dispense goods from both the front and rear of the rack, as well as from the side. What’s more, there is the option of using a depalletiser, which allows sheet metal to be unloaded quickly, eliminating the need to store pallets with the goods, further saving space in the warehouse. Logicomb systems are compatible with metal and CNC machining centres for laser (fibre) or water-jet cutting, as well as with other in-line machines and manipulators. For both racks, integration into the company’s ERP/WMS system is also possible.

Conclusion – automation, understand how it works and all the benefits

The key to managing a warehouse properly is to understand how it should work efficiently and what benefits automation, as well as vertical storage, can bring to it. Fully automating processes is an important step in business management as it can increase competitiveness, efficiency and value for customers. It can reduce costs, time and waste, as well as increase productivity, reduce errors and control all business processes in real time. In addition, using vertical storage solutions from Logitower can replace manual activities with automated ones.