Warehouse lifts & elevators – usage, benefits

It is hard to imagine efficient warehouse operation without the provision of lifts. What exactly are these products and why do we use them? Warehouse lifts should be well matched to the logistical process used in your company. When choosing them, we should take into account the planned method of storage, as this is the only way to develop your warehouse in the future and adapt it to new, changing requirements and the type of goods stored. The operation of lifts eliminates the need to use ladders and stairs.

Elevators & lifts usage

First and foremost, the use of warehouse lifts increases the efficiency and speed of work, as well as the safety of employees responsible for transporting large loads to the different levels of the warehouse or production hall. Warehouse lifts are an ideal solution for companies working on multiple floors, helping to transport goods between levels. When deciding on a lift, you take into account safety and costs – the investment and, as a result, the return on investment. In addition to transporting goods at various heights, this equipment is widely used in equipment and protective operations in areas located at high altitudes. Features of the goods lift are often used in municipal repairs, transportation of logistical goods, construction. The lifts help to operate the racks from LogiTower, thus making them even more efficient and safe. The main space-saving storage solution is to adapt the storage system to accommodate specific goods in a minimum of space. LogiTower’s storage solutions prove to be unrivalled in this respect, both in terms of the racking itself and in terms of adapting it for the efficient retrieval of goods from the shelves using, for example, a warehouse lift.

Advantages of using  warehouse lifts

The warehouse lift noticeably and immediately improves the functionality of the facility, since its installation improves the fluidity of all transport processes within the warehouse. This, in turn, makes entrepreneurs willing to invest in it in halls with large differences in levels. Easy installation is a big advantage of this equipment. In general, no significant architectural modifications are needed to install the lift. The lifts themselves, thanks to their fairly simple design, can be easily adapted to different needs, taking into account, for example, the maximum weight for a particular lift. LogiTower shelving on its own is already an excellent space saver and when used in combination with a lift, it complements each other perfectly, guaranteeing the investor. In the automatic warehouse, stock control is a key issue. In an automated warehouse, stock control is very simple – the LogiTower system reports how many sheets of metal are left which we then have to use the lift to place. To sum up, by using such improvements, it is possible to find additional space for storing goods – extremely valuable considering the market reality. What’s more, the system allows unattended transport of diverse load units between floors.