How to store PVC pipes?

PVC storage elements should be protected against unwanted external influences. These risks include UV rays, high or rapidly changing temperatures. Longer storage should take place indoors or under a roof. Packed pipes should be kept in two or three layers. The wooden slats of the top bundle must rest on the slats of the bottom one. Non-packaged pipes should be stored on level ground on sleepers and wooden spacers. Lighter pipes should be placed on top of heavier pipes (never the other way round) with the sockets alternating. The sides of the stack should be secured with vertical timber supports. It is advisable to choose a specific method of shelving, e.g. an investment sheet metal storage tower, which is suitable for pvc pipe storage.

PVC pipe storage ideas

If you still don’t know how to store pvc pipes, it is a good idea to start by learning about the basic principles of storing long and heavy goods. The storage of long and heavy materials requires very good planning of the storage area to ensure safe access for employees. Materials such as pipes should, above all, be secured to reduce the risk of material damage and to guarantee safe working conditions for employees. The storage of heavy pipes therefore requires appropriate systems, preferably with automatic access to the storage racks. Take a look at the modern automatic systems from Logitower. The storage of a large number of different materials and the need for easy and fast access to selected types of logs is a major challenge for logistics in general. But Logitower has a solution for these situations too. The LogiTower automatic storage system, thanks to its unique design, allows you to save storage space and store your goods very densely. The heavy storage of pipes often means that they have to be stacked in layers, which is another aspect that can affect their stability – they can easily shift, move and displace. This problem is solved by the sheet metal storage tower model. It has been designed with special attention to the specifics of items with longer lengths, making it ideal for storing materials such as pipes and structural profiles. The racks are stacked vertically to save space.

Which other Logitower racks are suitable for storing PVC pipes?

The LogiComb with its special honeycomb design has many square or rectangular shelves for storing e.g. PVC pipes. This makes it much easier to sort and then divide the material into smaller sets. What do you gain by using LogiComb? These shelves help you maximize your storage capacity and increase the space for your employees to move around freely. If you want to streamline the unloading and loading processes, you should choose shelving with side extensions. Unloading and loading can also take place from the side of the racking.The time spent on intra-warehouse operations can be significantly optimized in most cases. LogiTower provides for the orderly storage of logs and other unusual items and also works with in-line machines such as laser cutting.