Effective warehouse and inventory management

At the outset, we should ask ourselves the basic question of what effective warehouse and inventory management actually depends on. In the search for these answers, Logitower can help us. It in fact is a system that perfectly suits the handling of not only sheet metal, but also long and unusual goods. However, what sets it apart from other manufacturers on the market are its automation features. This is where the key to efficiency lies if we are thinking about the smooth running of the warehouse, without unnecessary errors and with a minimised number of employees.

Efficient warehouse – which means what kind of warehouse

The set of activities involving the scheduling, implementing and control of the flow of goods through a warehouse is most often referred to by the term warehouse logistics. Starting from planning to the rest of the activities, we must remember that every single element is essential and binds all processes together.

Effective warehouse and inventory management

How to have the warehouse correctly prepared before taking delivery of the goods?

To begin with, it is important to think about a storage system plan and to choose a specific path that will lead to effective warehouse and inventory management. There are several aspects to consider here and, above all, it should be adapted both to the spatial possibilities of the warehouse and to the nature of the loads stored and the manufacturers who will be entrusting their goods to us in the future. Many modern companies are opting for automation at this point. By using automated warehouses, it is possible to make optimum use of every square metre of space, save money by redeploying staff to other tasks and reduce working hours. This also means reduced maintenance costs, which is crucial for many companies (especially in the initial phase). The next steps will include the correct layout of transport routes – in accordance with current legislation – and the designation of storage areas.


It is no longer the case that traditional assumptions in logistics have already gone by the wayside. We are now in the age of automation, so equipment must be controlled by artificial intelligence. In order for such a warehouse to function properly, it is necessary to integrate it with an ERP or WMS system. This term refers to a complete package in which several solution modules are already connected or built on the same platform and provide data and updates based on specific actions and reactions. Logitower is up to date on this subject, equipping industries and logistics with specific automatic racks adapted individually to the goods to be stored. One example worth noting is the MultiLogitower system, which is designed to have multiple columns and come in different variants adapted to the customer. What distinguishes it and fits in with the trend towards the economical storage of goods are the multiple access windows, which allow for collaboration with laser or water-based metal processing centres and peripheral devices. Integrating the shelf fully with a WMS or ERP system leads to more effective warehouse and inventory management.