warehouse organization

Storage of components in heavy industry

It’s worth mentioning that LogiTower automated shelving systems is used by companies operating in numerous industries. Up to this point, the list of our customers consists of HVAC producers, manufacturers of unique transport solutions for heavy loads, companies that specialize in producing brakes and trailer axles, and many others. However, that one of units that can take advantage of applying the automated metal storage is heavy industry and manufacturers of various transportation forms such as buses, planes and trains in particular.

Shelving of railway parts and tools

It is well known that companies manufacturing railway and train parts use in their work large tools and very heavy and bulky components. For this reason, they require professional storage solutions that are designed especially for handling all those large items. LogiTower offers numerous variants of shelving systems that can be easily matched with elements of untypical sizes and shapes. For example, items of sizable length – such as rails, rods, pipes and long bars – can be stored horizontally in Honeycomb shelving system or in the LogiTower designed especially for storing long goods. These solutions enable easy overview and access to the railway parts and prevent the items from bending. Loading and unloading of the components is done by the machines and, thanks to that, it is much safer to them. Of course, LogiTower systems allow storing pipes and rods both in bundles or in bulk when the products await for further processing steps. Whereas, the steel needed for the creation of tracks can be stored in MutiLogitower that allows ergonomic and safe shelving of the goods.

Modernization and construction of train service

Items used for construction or modernization of train services are large and can weigh even up to several tons. That is why every shelf that holds the parts or tools for railways needs to be properly reinforced and prepared to store heavy loads of cargo. Knowing this, we have made sure that every Logitower shelf can sustain a components storage weight of up to 8000 kg and a width of up to 12 meters. Loading and retrieving process is done by the storage system and the employee only monitors the operation. Thanks to this solution, intralogistics processes in the magazine are more ergonomic and safer. It also contributes to the significant reduction of the goods’ losses.

Safety first

Of course, the safety of the employees and the railway parts is extremely important, but it is far from being the only benefit that comes with using automated storage. We have to remember that implementation of the proper shelving systems can free up additional magazine space, which can later be used for storing more items or for expanding production line. Each LogiTower shelving system is designed individually for the customer, and we make sure to use the magazine’s full available height to optimize storage space. What’s more, shelving systems can be integrated with other tooling equipment such as water jet cutters, laser cutting machines, forklift trucks or pneumatic manipulators. Thanks to that processing of the steel and railway parts can be even quicker.