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Pipe storage solutions – how to store heavy elements safely?

Lately, we informed how to organize storage in small warehouse. Today, we would like to gather several ideas about heavy materials storage. The storage of long and heavy materials requires very good planning of warehouse space to provide employees with access in a safe way. Such materials should be reliably secured to reduce the risk of material damage and guarantee safe working conditions for employees. Thus, storage of heavy pipes requires using appropriate systems, preferably with automatic access to storage racks.

Challenges and limitations of pipe storage

Steel pipes are made of heavy material, which also determines the weight of the finished product. That’s why they need solid support and racks with huge hosting capacity. At the same time, pipes have a smooth and slippery surface and rounded shape, so the risk of them falling down from even a slightly uneven surface is relatively big. Heavy pipe storage often means the necessity of laying them in layers, which is another aspect that may affect their stability – they can move, slide and relocate easily.
Pipes may be even up to several meters long. Analyzing all their features, we can undoubtedly notice that they’re a specific kind of products – relatively heavy, lengthy, slippery and with rounded edges. All these aspects make them very “uncomfortable” materials to store.

What to look for when choosing shelves for pipe storage?

All these potential disadvantages should be taken into account when we’re about to choose pipe storage solutions that will eliminate or at least limit as much as possible any risk and restrictions. The racks should have a huge hosting capacity and be able to support even heavy loads in a safe and stable way. The key aspect is to protect the shelves in such a way that the pipes won’t move and slide off. Racks with shelves divided into several smaller ones work well for this purpose. In addition, the shelves must support the whole length of the pipes. The way of loading and unloading the shelves is a significant aspect as well. If we decide to automate this process, we will benefit in multiple ways, including improving the working conditions of our employees, but also limiting the risk of damages and accidents.

Ready-made pipe storage solutions

Automated LogiTower shelving is intended for storing long and heavy pipes with both small and large diameter. LogiTower offers pipe storage solutions that work remarkably well in this area, with the rack for long elements being particularly noteworthy (LogiTower for storing long goods). It was designed with particular attention paid to the specificity of elements with larger lengths, so it’s perfect to store such materials as pipes and construction profiles. The shelves are stacked vertically, one on top of the other, which saves space. Another interesting model is (LogiComb), with a special construction inspired by a real honeycomb. It consists of many shelves, square or rectangular in shape, designed for storing long elements. This solution makes it much easier to sort such materials and divide them into smaller sets. These types of pipe storage solutions help to maximize the storage capacity and increase the space for the free movement of workers. If you want to improve the unloading and loading processes, you should choose racks with side extensions. The shelves are similar to those used in racks dedicated to storing long materials, but in this case, the shelving system has multiple access windows at the front and rear, and also sideways. Unloading and loading can also take place from the side of the rack.
The storage of heavy, long pipes is a complex challenge; it should be safe not only for the workers, but also for the product itself. Thanks to the modern solutions available from LogiTower, you can fulfill both of these requirements, and gain more free space that will increase the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse at the same time.