Metal industry – how to store metal sheets and profiles?

The metal industry is the sector of industry that is developing most rapidly at the moment. Steel prices are rising at an alarming rate. The metal market as a whole includes, in particular, the production of metals, fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment which include metal sheets. The metal industry has always been linked to other manufacturing sectors. It is a dominant issue in the global economy. If you are a manufacturer of metal parts, you are probably looking for an optimal solution to store them efficiently in your warehouse. In this case, LogiTower, which offers automation of storage processes, comes to your aid.

Automated warehouse – space organisation and security of metal parts

Long metal bars and sheets are among the most difficult and valuable goods to handle. Sheet metal storage in the metal industry is a careful process. Although durable, the material is bulky, heavy, somewhat flexible and prone to damage if handled improperly, which can result in large losses in material, production time, claim costs, etc. It often has sharp edges and corners, which necessitates exceptional storage in the warehouse. For this purpose, automated solutions will work, more specifically shelving from LogiTower. They provide easy access to metal materials, protection and safety.

Storage of metal sheets in the metal industry – specific racking examples

The LogiTower storage system saves storage space and time for your employees and customers. The company has many configurations of its systems to offer, and each is designed individually.

  • LogiTower Single Tower sheet steel rack – The design of this rack allows operators to easily access stored components and quickly retrieve individual items. This saves time loading and unloading heavy goods, and ultimately speeds up the process of fulfilling customer orders. The single-storey LogiTower racking system allows for easy and efficient storage of many unusual and bulky products such as metal sheets, pipes, moulds, frames, profiles and long bars. Thanks to full automation, it effectively protects goods and employees during work. The system cooperates with the company’s internal IT system, which makes it possible, among other things, to control stock levels in real time.
  • MultiLogitower – the popular, highly versatile storage for sheet metal, logs, heavy and unusual goods. The MultiLogiyower enables the ergonomic storage of very heavy metal goods, allowing you to reclaim space. The whole system can come in many versions, with many storage columns, access windows, and it also works well with other devices such as warehouse manipulators or stacker cranes.
  • LogiTower double tower for metal sheets – A feature of this system is the access windows which can be placed on both sides of the racking, making the process of loading and unloading of bulky items much more convenient. Each shelf of the LogiTower automatic rack is able to accommodate a load of up to 8,000 kg and a length of up to 12 metres, which allows for the efficient storage of items such as metal sheets or unusual items made of metal, plastic or even wood. The system works in conjunction with the ERP/WMS system, as well as other warehouse equipment such as a forklift, stacker crane or crane.

What to avoid when storing sheets?

It is uneconomical to store long metal items on traditional pallet racking as this is usually bulk storage and not at production level as access requires a forklift truck or possibly a stacker. It is possible to stack sheets on the floor, but this makes it much more difficult to access and manipulate the sheets. It can also be problematic for forklifts to retrieve goods that are directly against the wall and covered by other goods. This causes considerable time loss, which definitely compromises the efficient operation of the warehouse.