Manual vs. automatic warehouse management?

With the dynamic development of the logistics industry and the increase in order fulfillment in e-commerce, more and more logistics managers believe that automated warehouse systems are the best solution for them to reduce costs and improve warehouse productivity. No wonder, because such a change means creating a safer and more ergonomic workplace. Every day, LogiTower customers see new advantages of warehouse automation. It is therefore worth examining in detail why this option wins in comparison: automatic vs manual warehouse management.

Why is the traditional warehouse a thing of the past?

Manual storage is a way of building and organizing storage facilities practiced for years. It does not use devices that operate autonomously. All warehouse operations are carried out by employees who use vehicles and tools requiring the involvement of the operator to handle loads. Manual warehouse management is a big logistical challenge, and there are plenty of reasons for that. Summing and saving data with a pen and paper or in Excel spreadsheets is time-consuming and can lead to serious errors. Most warehouses undergo changes faster than the manual warehouse management system can keep up, so development and work on production halls is constantly inhibited. When we decide on manual warehouse management we have to reckon with the fact of errors. Without the help of barcode scanners or other tools, warehouse management can be really difficult and time consuming.

LogiTower automatic warehouse – the future of industry and logistics

This is the type of object in which technology comes first. Automated storage system is designed to take full advantage of automated solutions. Properly programmed systems help you manage your warehouse in many ways. Automatic reordering points, multi-location inventory tracking, and easy access to multiple senders are just some of the tasks they do. You can use mobile devices to update inventory quantities immediately. By tracking inventory in multiple warehouses, you can look at sales trends and supply chain issues by location.

Manual vs automatic warehouse management – advantages

Automatic warehouse management means reduced operating costs, faster load handling times, improved work safety, and greater customer satisfaction! On the basis of LogiTower, it is worth mentioning some of the most important benefits of automating work in warehouses.

Customer customization

LogiTower automatic racks provide customers with the opportunity to order a highly customized solution that perfectly matches the individual characteristics of all stored components and make the most of their storage space. Racks from this manufacturer are able to hold a load of up to 8000 kg and a width of up to 12 meters.


LogiTower, providing protection for sensitive components with large, non-standard dimensions, thereby reducing losses on goods. The system also significantly increases the safety of operators during their operation.

Ergonomics and time savings

LogiTower automatic racks provide highly advanced IT integration. Thanks to this additional employees can very easily monitor what happens to each metal element and control the delivery of goods in real time. Properly laid out systems can perfectly manage the free space remaining in the warehouse.