Lighting industry – storage of metal sheets

Each industry has its own unique requirements and challenges, especially when it comes to the storage of materials used in the production process. The development of the lighting industry is inextricably linked to the automation of warehouse processes. Many of the components that make up the lighting fixtures require adequate and restrictive storage, which ensures protection and safety. Sheet metal has become a key element of many large lighting projects. It is on its storage that it is worth focusing on.

Sheet metal storage can be very problematic due to their significant size, which requires a large storage area. An additional disadvantage is the difficult access to individual elements and the risk of their damage resulting in the loss of goods. Lighting customers often need advice, especially when it comes to choosing a properly automated rack for efficient storage of bulky components and more.

LogiTower storage in the lighting industry

In order to reduce the storage space for these items and to reduce their download time, LogiTower sheet metal rack is recommended. A wide range of products is associated with the need to provide special storage conditions, as well as a large storage area. Storage of metal sheets at the lighting industry is a way to efficiently store materials for lighting production. The LogiTower sheet metal storage system enables this task. This saves up to 80% of storage space. The use of storage in the lighting industry also significantly reduces working time and facilitates the search and access to selected types of sheets.

Safety of workers and goods

Working with large, heavy and bulky goods can significantly increase the risk of an accident in the warehouse. The implementation of the LogiTower automatic storage system streamlines the process of loading and unloading sheets and, most importantly, gives a sense of guaranteed safety to both goods and workers.

Possibility of storage of unusually shaped goods

LogiTower is an automated system for storing sheets, pipes, profiles, rods, heavy specialized tools and all kinds of unusual goods. It ensures orderly and economical sheet metal storage, increasing ergonomics and safety of work. The system can be integrated into process machines and work with pneumatic manipulators.

Easy access to goods

The unique design of the shelves in LogiTower allows for concentrated storage of goods, especially in the case of bulky with a significant weight of up to 8 tons and a length of up to 12 meters. The upside is quick access to the shelves, which in the case of storage of goods for the production of lighting is very important. What’s more, operating the system via the control panel is easy and intuitive. The LogiTower AS/RS system can be equipped with many types of different access points for loading goods on the front, back or side of the rack.