Industry 4.0. Is your warehouse ready?

What does Industry 4.0 stand for?

It is difficult to imagine a 21st century warehouse without the integration of all devices, ensuring an intelligent communication process between them. We have come to live in the era of Industry 4.0, where robots are taking over some of the worker’s responsibilities, leaving them to monitor their actions. The term Industry 4. 0 refers to all broadly understood profound changes in the socio-economic system, formulated both in the European Green Deal document and in domain documents, i. e. industrial strategies. The gigantic leap in the use of factories to produce materials makes the Industrial Revolution familiar to the masses.

General changes in warehouse logistics for Industry 4.0

Industrial development started with mechanisation processes. As you know then came electrification, digitization, and finally it was time for “artificial intelligence”. Industry 4.0 is all about autonomising warehouse processes by saturating them as much as possible with IT solutions, cooperating with SAP and with in-house warehouse systems or factory operational plans. In addition, intelligent automation selects the part that is needed at any given time, thus reducing logistical and transport time, which the best human organisation cannot achieve. Changes include new ways of working and the role of people in industry. Industry 4. 0 integrates people and digitally controlled machines with the Internet and information technologies. An Industry 4.0 environment supports warehouse staff like never before by providing access to virtually any useful information, at any time. General developments in warehouse logistics towards Industry 4. 0 also includes automated storage and picking systems. An automated system saves warehouse space, labor time, and reduces merchandise loss.

The role of man in the context of the fourth revolution

Industry 4.0 is not about creating factories where humans are replaced by robots. People still come first, and with the new solutions, they will receive much more support than before while performing their duties. The system significantly increases the work safety of operators responsible for intra-warehouse transport of goods.

The benefits of implementing modern solutions in the warehouse in accordance with the concept of Industry 4.0 with Logitower help.

Implementing modern solutions and increasing the competitiveness of production has been a requirement for some time in order to maintain a high position in the market. Moreover, automation is becoming cheaper, industrial robots are becoming easier to program and as a result, investment costs are getting lower.

Logitower is associated with the design and implementation of automated warehouse systems for industry and logistics worldwide. It offers its customers automated solutions to ensure the efficiency of systems and warehouse operations. Intelligent logistics for Industry 4. 0 with the help of Logitower goes far beyond simply collecting information about the location of goods. The LogiTower automatic racking system is therefore a high-tech storage system in accordance with the principles of Logistics 4.0. This means that it provides ergonomic, efficient and safe storage of bulky goods.

Logitower’s offering

Due to the unique nature of each company, Logitower designs the automated warehouse individually for each client according to their needs and requirements. Let’s take a closer look at the manufacturer’s offering to learn about the core products it has available in the context of Industry 4.0.

MultiLogitower with stacker crane

The flexibility of the Logitower systems allows them to be optimally adapted to your business profile. MultiLogiTower is designed to meet the individual needs of each business. The MultiLogiTower automated warehouse system provides optimum storage conditions for goods in a safe and orderly manner, protecting them from damage, as well as ensuring the safety of warehouse staff and ergonomic working conditions. The automatic multi-tower storage enables to store goods in multiple columns, which allows to retrieve a storage space and increase goods protection. The automated multi-tower storage system also allows for the storage of large and bulky goods such as sheets, plates, large containers, pipes, molds, rods, profiles and heavy tools. Many storage towers can accommodate heavy loads, as well as goods of unusual shape or size with a weight of up to 8000 kg and a length of up to 12 m on one shelf. It is possible to integrate a multi-tray rack with a company’s ERP system, which is very much in line with the Industry 4.0 trend.

LogiTower with FIBER LASER cutting centre

The automatic storage system works with industrial manipulators, cranes and other equipment to enable the stored goods to be automatically transferred directly from the rack to the FIBER or water-jet laser cutting centre for further processing. What is the effect of this? Furthermore, the entrepreneur gains in efficiency and streamlining of all internal warehouse processes, as well as an increase in their safety and ergonomics. The system from Logitower thus relieves warehouse workers of dangerous jobs such as the intra-warehouse transport of heavy and bulky items.

Single tower warehouse for metal sheets

This type of storage is the most used one mentioned. It works by storing goods in one column and the elevator delivers the shelves directly to the operator. This solution makes it possible to store sheets, plates, long, heavy and unusual goods in one tower and to load and retrieve them using a lift. The Logitower single-tower sheet metal warehouse allows full height storage, which saves a lot of space in the warehouse. In addition, it is a good starting product for expansion into many different systems. It can be expanded to two towers sheet metal storage and multi towers, for example, depending on current business needs.