How to storage large quantities of goods?

What does warehousing mean and what should proper storage of large quantities of goods look like? Warehousing already includes the stage of unloading the goods themselves, as well as their final phase, i.e. loading and preparing for further transport. It could also be directly connected to a machine such as a CNC cutting centre. LogiTower also enables external loading by direct loading from the ramp into the warehouse. The correct storage of goods is a very important aspect for any entrepreneur involved in wholesale. Storing a large amount of goods in one warehouse is a really difficult task because it must depend on the type of goods. The storage of items for the furniture industry will obviously look different than other types of goods. The storage of large quantities of goods requires a suitable automated system that is individually tailored to the needs of the customer.

What equipment is necessary for storing large quantities of goods?

The basis, the basics, is of course a large warehouse hall with equipment. It is necessary to have warehouse racks and mobile devices with the help of which it will be possible to transport goods (forklift trucks and pallet trucks), as well as pallets and increase safety in the warehouse. What exactly the warehouse will need depends on the type of products to be stored. Good organisation of space is important especially in the case of warehouses that do not have the largest surface area. In these cases, it is a good idea to opt for automated racking. In the case of large quantities of bulky goods, this solution may prove to be the only sensible one for many years. Another basis is an appropriate IT system which will support the work in the warehouse, as well as a number of useful devices, such as a label printer, packing tables or barcode readers. It is also possible to integrate the warehouse racks with the customer’s IT system, which significantly facilitates and speeds up work in the warehouse. Knowing the current status in the warehouse is also valuable for production or the receipt of further goods, as it could turn out that there is no more room in the warehouse for further loads. It is worth mentioning that LogiTower offers LogiComb as an alternative to expand the warehouse and maximise space utilisation.

LogiComb – automatic storage and sorting system

LogiComb is a system for storing very long goods: tubes, profiles, bars, panels. The racking has been designed to increase the safety of the staff and the protection of the stored goods, as well as to maximise storage space, which translates into faster and more efficient intra-warehouse material handling and lower logistics costs. The warehouse is a transitional phase for the goods, so it is important to know the current status of the warehouse, record the deliveries and transports – this is what the LogiComb automatic rack is designed for. At this point it is worth referring to the question in the title “How to store large quantities of unusual goods?“. Well, one of the best options offered by LogiTower would be the LogiComb just discussed. This model is ideal for storing huge amounts of long items. Thus, it provides automatic, efficient and orderly storage of various types of molds, which facilitates access to individual pieces of goods and also reduces the risk of damage to them. LogiComb is not the easiest solution to install, but its advantages in terms of storage expansion and operation speak in favour of this investment.