How to optimize costs of warehouse processes?

Our management and project experience shows that it is worth starting with the simplest things, but not always obvious to many organisations. One such thing is one of the elements of payroll costs – overtime. The main problem identified by us is not at all excess work and overloading of employees, but incorrect or sometimes even wrong planning and creation of work schedules for individual shifts. Warehouses are one of the most expensive industries to maintain. They require expensive solutions to facilitate the management of the movement of goods or the use of space. This begs the question: How can we optimise warehouse operating costs?

Main costs generated by the warehouse

Firstly, the price of land and renting warehouse space. This is one of the elements that significantly influences the total expenses. In order to optimise warehouse costs, we must consider whether the amount of rented space is adequate for demand. By analysing the space required for the storage of goods, it is possible to significantly reduce the area occupied. Thanks to LogiTower, as you may know that in order to do this, it is necessary to use suitable storage systems that make it possible to increase the density of the sotred storing high and narrow. Racks that make this type of storage system possible are those offered by LogiTower. Metal storing costs can be reduced by using economical single tier racking for sheet metal and long metal parts. The system allows ergonomic and safe storage of metal sheets, profiles and bars, metal components, tools and any other goods weighing up to 8 tons per shelf and up to 12 metres in length.

An efficient storage system – saving money and space. Which racks to choose?

The types of racking offered by LogiTower allow metal storage systems cost reduction. The planning of storage space should be adapted to the type and quantity of goods what will be stored and the type of operations to be carried out, and the same applies to racking. The main space-saving storage solution is to adapt the optimal storage system to accommodate specific goods in a minimum of space. LogiTower’s storage solutions are individual and comprehensive. Including installation, professional after-sales service and support. It is worth mentioning the flexibility of LogiTower’s projects, which are individually designed and adapted to the customer’s needs, the conditions of their storage facilities, the type of goods stored and many other factors.

Some general tips for reducing storage costs

It is worthwhile to plan work efficiently in order to save money. The basis of planning, whether it be production, is to have precise knowledge of our possibilities, limitations and the scale of work. Before making changes, first define all warehouse operations, measure individual times and enter them into your system. A modern IT system can certainly help you in this process. Looking after your stock is important, as your contracts with your contractors include hefty penalties for not delivering goods on time, and a modern system will ensure that you are constantly informed of shortages or other current stock levels. Such a system can significantly improve the work of the entire company.