warehouse organization

How to increase storage capacity and efficiency in a warehouse?

In every logistics company, at a certain stage of development, there comes a point when the dynamic growth of production leads to a rapidly increasing number of items in the warehouse, which in turn leads to the need to optimise space. For example, in a warehouse where the traditional system of storing products based on conventional shelving racks was used, modernisation may prove necessary. Taking into account rising costs of construction, materials to build a new warehouse, time to obtain permissions, in many cases, warehouse expansion is not possible. Fortunately, the problem of efficiency and constantly missing space can be solved by using more efficient management methods.

Warehouse automatisation

How do you efficiently use the available space when expansion or moving to a larger hall is not possible? With LogiTower this can become a reality. Warehouse automation is the best possible solution if we care about efficiency and effectiveness of work and goods flow. The use of LogiTower’s automated systems allows you to make more efficient use of the available space, by eliminating service aisles, or by maximising the height of your warehouse, stacking goods right up to the ceiling. A good example of this is the single-tower rack and stacker crane designed by LogiTower. The designers adapt LogiTower’s design to the conditions and dimensions of the warehouse, making use of the full available warehouse height. All retrieval and storage operations can be recorded via the racking control panel. What else can we expect from warehouse automation? It is possible to integrate the racks with external customer information systems, from author’s to SAP, BaaN, etc. All retrieval and storage operations can be recorded by the racking control panel, which leads to a constant control of the stock and consequently no overfilling. However, one of the best benefits of taking an interest in automating your warehouse is the immediate return on investment.

LogiTower racks

If you are wondering how to increase storage capacity in your warehouse, one of the best options is to replace the traditional shelving units with fully automatic ones, such as those offered by LogiTower. You can easily ensure efficiency and safety in your intralogistics processes by investing in a custom-made rack dedicated to the goods you are currently storing. For example, shelving for logs, pipes, panels and profiles. Within the many product options available, it is possible to load and release the goods both from the front and the back of the rack (single tower long goods storage), as well as from the side of the rack. This considerably improves the efficiency and convenience of the work and thus increases the profits of the company. LogiTower does not stop there with its facilities for customers needing to increase storage space, an excellent suggestion is the use of the depalletiser, which allows for the quick unloading of metal sheets, eliminating the need to store pallets with the goods, further increasing storage space savings.