Furniture industry – storage of metal sheets and profiles

Regardless of the industry, there are many automated racking systems that can provide optimal storage economics for your warehouse. Very often the furniture industry uses Logitower automatic shelving because of its variety.

Logitower is one of the most widely known companies, which designs and implements automated warehouse systems for industry and logistics worldwide. Furniture production warehouses need to store a variety of items of varying sizes. The enormous range of sizes and weights requires not only the ability to pack and transport goods efficiently, but also to store them safely. Each LogiTower rack is individually designed, tailored to the needs of the client and the place of implementation, which is why the furniture industry is so keen to use this company’s offer.

Storage of metal sheets for the production of furniture fittings and accessories, boards, panels and long pieces

Space for the storage of bulky products is an important issue for any manufacturing or trading company. With the storage of metal sheets at furniture industry we provide our company with efficient, ergonomic and safe storage of heavy goods.

Which Logitower rack is suitable for storing metal sheets?

LogiTower automatic storage systems have proven themselves in a variety of industries, finding many unusual and special applications. For storage of metal sheets for furniture fittings we can use the Single Tower for Long Goods. To ensure the efficiency and safety of intralogistics processes, Logitower has developed a dedicated automatic storage for long and bulky items for this type of racking. It is also worth mentioning that each Logitower shelf can hold goods weighing up to 8,000 kg and 12 metres long, which is ideal for storing sheet metal for hardware and furniture accessories. How does this rack work? The LogiTower single-tier sheet metal warehouse, places the goods in a single column and the elevator delivers the shelves directly to the operator. This is one of the primary options for this company’s automated storage system.

What are the benefits of using a single Tower for storage of metal sheets in the furniture industry?

First and foremost, racking saves storage space and time for your employees as well as your customers. LogiTower’s design allows operators easy access to stored components and quick retrieval of individual items, which in turn reduces the time spent loading and unloading heavy goods. It also protects all heavy and long goods from damage, allowing you to reduce the loss of goods while greatly increasing the safety of any storage operation.

Implementation at Stalmot-Wolmet

Stalmot-Wolmet is a furniture hardware manufacturer with a tradition dating back over 30 years. The company creates the best solutions for its clients using many years of experience in this industry. That is why Stalmot-Wolmet decided to invest in the Single Tower for Long Goods, which provided optimal storage, safety in the warehouse and direct access to the goods.

How to store goods of different widths, heights and weights in the furniture industry?

Thanks to the storage of metal sheets for furniture accessories, goods of different widths, heights and weights can always find their place on the rack. Furniture industry warehouses store very specific goods. On the one hand, it has large dimensions and is difficult to transport due to its irregular shape. On the other hand, it is extremely fragile and requires careful storage. For this reason, many companies in the furniture industry are opting for the LogiComb system. Logitower selects solutions that closely match the respective logistics process, as exemplified by the LogiComb implementation.

LogiComb at furniture industry

LogiComb is a honeycomb system that provides efficient and orderly automatic storage and sorting of large quantities of long goods such as pipes, profiles, rods, panels, etc.

What does using LogiComb for storing plates and sheets for furniture production give us?

The system allows different types of long bars to be separated from each other, making it easier to access individual pieces and reducing the risk of damage. Additionally, it is easy to install, expand and operate, working with equipment such as forklifts, manipulators, etc. It has been implemented e. g. in Wiśniowski company, which is a manufacturer of gates, fences and aluminum and steel joinery.

Automatic shelving units protect stored goods from factors such as light, dust, temperature, humidity, etc. The furniture industry uses automated racking for fast order picking. This makes it possible, among other things, to search for and retrieve goods quickly and easily, also on the basis of an order list from an external IT system.